Brand story
Clinico Inc. was found in 1986. In view of the fact that medical specialization is a world trend, at the time of founding, the company has fully dedicated to the operation of eye and ear instruments, so as to improve medical quality and standard of ophthalmology in Taiwan. In addition to raising medical quality, Clinico hopes to promote visual-audio healthcare as an all-citizen campaign. Therefore, Clinico hearing healthcare center is established, inviting professional Audiologist Dr. 傅肯恩 to join the Clinico service team, building a service system for hearing aids; hiring graduate audiologists of the Hearing-language Department of Sun Yat-sen University of Medical Sciences to strengthen Clinico's team quality, and provides more professional service quality for hearing-impaired persons. Clinico hopes to create an environment where hearing is without obstacles everywhere. Based on Clinico's business philosophy of professionalism and through the unremitting efforts of all staff, more than 200 branches and offices are established locally and abroad, building a complete and systematic network in China, to ensure the immediate provision of the best products and services to hospitals in various locations. Clinico adheres to the principle of making customers satisfied and the business philosophy of "Professional Clinico, Carefree purchase", striving to improve the health of all Chinese people. In the future, the company will continue to work hand in hand with all ophthalmologists towards the target of pushing ophthalmology to the top level in whole China.


Clinico's Events

[1986] Clinico was found to provide all-rounded visual-audio healthcare service, with a goal to improve the health of Chinese
[1991] Expanding west into the mainland China market, helping dealers to provide customer services
[1996] With the ISO9002 qualification certification, becoming the only company in the industry to receive the ISO 9002 International Quality Certification
[1999] With Clinico's hard work and her contribution to the society, received the National Quality Award in Production and Healthcare Service.
[2003] Set up the first hearing-test vehicle in Taiwan, provide voluntary hearing examination service to hearing-impaired groups, community elderlies, and students. Received invitation from the Taipei City and Matsu County Governments to go to Nangan Township to provide examination service.
[2004] Receive the Australia Best Business Award
[2005] CEO Mr. Wenzheng Lin was awarded the Outstanding Alumni Prize by the Chung Yuan Christian University for his outstanding achievement in academics / career.
[2006] Commented of the American magazine on professional market-analysis "Market Scope": Clinico is the best agent for American ophthalmic instrument manufacturers to expand their market in China.
[2007] Selected as an excellent partner of the ear, nose and throat department of the National Taiwan University Hospital. Established a dispenser center in the hospital.
[2008] Receiving the Gold Medal from the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan for "employing physically or mentally challenged persons" in 2008
[2008] Selected by the Taipei County Government Education Department as a Social Education Contributing Group, and received the Social Education Charity Award from the Education Department.

Clinico's Events

[2009] Passing ISO 13485 Healthcare equipment quality management system and SGS Qualicert International Service Quality Certification
[2009] CEO Mr. Wenzheng Lin received the 3rd Han Wei Biomedical Engineering Service Medal
[2010] Obtained a contract to provide hearing-care service for Veterans from the retired association of the Executive Yuan at 100 year anniversary of the founding of Taiwan, providing high-quality digital hearing aids for the benefit of the public.
[2011] Passing the rigorous review and selection of Taipei Veterans General Hospital and became the first hearing partner in 50 years since the establishment of the hospital.
[2012] Passing the TTQS training quality management certification from the Council of Labor Affairs of the Executive Yuan.
[2012] Received the 2012 ANZCham Australia-Taiwan Business Partnership Award
[2013] Won the 1st New Taipei City "Happy Heart Workplace" review's "Golden Heart Award"
[2014] Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor, Taichung-Changhua-Nantou regional branch's 3rd quarter job redesign hearing-aid good manufacturer.
[2014] Being categorized by the Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor of the Executive Yuan TTQS as "Corporate organisation category - silver medal"
[2015] Receiving Healthy Workplace certification medal from the Health Promotion Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare
[2015] Received the 9th Taoyuan City Corporate with good performance, Outstanding Award
[2016] First to launch the only 3D printer for ear moulds in Taiwan
[2018] Launched the charity micro-movie "The Accompany", being ranked as the most successful advertising movie from in YouTube

Clinico's Corporate Culture

Customers first: satisfy the needs of internal/external customers, putting customers first. Providing all-rounded services.
Outstanding contribution: actively accomplish targets and missions.
Innovation and Flexibility: Actively propose innovative ideas to help the company and colleagues to improve.
Efficient and Active: With an active work attitude, complete tasks and provide assistance in a timely manner.
Trust & Respect: Trustworthy, respect others, willing to listen, communicate effectively.
Full Integrity: Act and work practically in solid steps, treat internal/external customers equally. Said and done.
Heritage of Experience: Willing to actively share with others her own experience and knowledge.
Enthusiastic and Responsible: Actively participate activities inside and outside of the company, willing to help and responsible.
Team Spirit: Putting the interests of the team first, fully comply with the company's policy and the management's lead to accomplish the team's target.
Keep Improving: working hard to strengthen oneself, be humble when learning, improving one's abilities in various aspects.

Only import advance equipment, keeping up-to-date with the world

Equipment provided by Clinico is distributed over Europe, America, Australia and Japan. Clinico adheres to the following principles when representing the specially chosen items:
1. The manufacturer has a good reputation, with a good and stable service quality.
2. Owning the world's most advanced technology or patents, having a high level of innovation and applied performance, and obtaining international recognition or certifications.
3. Helpful to the healthcare needs of the local weak communities, and lack of an importer locally.
Others: innovative, safe, environmental-friendly, effective, practical, easy to operate are all important criteria when considering to represent the products.

The right choice of industry, in a corporation of felicity.

In 2018, Taiwan has formally become an aging society. Many global corporations are ready to capture business opportunities in the seniors market. We have set ourselves in this industry since 31 years. You, what are you waiting for?
Clinico places great importance to providing professional services to customers. Therefore, the company introduces the ISO quality management system, provides solid education and trainings,
and even won in 2014 the silver medal of talent development quality management system and the honor of happy enterprise. We welcome you to work with us in the right industry and do the right thing.