Clinico Hearing Aid had won the National Award of Outstanding SMEs


set a milestone for medical service innovation.

    A total of 12 outstanding enterprises were selected for the 29th  National Award of Outstanding SMEs this year. Each award-winning company stood for the highest glory and represented a model of excellence for SMEs. The Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Mei-Hua said that the National Award of Outstanding SMEs had passed on the model learning effect of successful experience thus put a great influence on enhancing our country's economic strength.

    Clinico Hearing Aid was the only service industry which won the big prize. It is also the only medical service firm among the award-winning companies over the years. The issue also proves that the service industry with greater output value and market demand than the manufacturing can also create new worth for society by grasping development trends and innovating commerce strategies.

    Devoted itself to the operation of ophthalmology and otology equipment ever since the beginning of establishment by following the world trend of medical specialization and expected to improve the service quality for domestic people, it has set up its own channel brand and actively expanded its service coverage by nearly 80 regular chains and dispatched audiologists to 19 teaching hospitals so far, which has achieved and consolidated its position as a brand leader in the hearing industry. Clinico has accomplished repeated achievements and created numerous precedents over the years including being the only one in the industry to obtain multiple SGS ISO certifications. It is also the first to introduce 3D printing technology and medical degree materials on hearing aid earmolds to provide listeners with superior wearing comfort. During the coronavirus outbreak, Clinico immediately adopted the remote real-time adjustment service and the "mask mode" from the CES2020 Health and Technology Award to optimize the wearing experience of the customers.

    In addition to professional advancement, it has exclusively acquired the introduction of a historical leading hearing aid brand from Denmark to provide the best hearing solutions. Coupled with the application of high-quality product lines such as cochlear implants, home sleeping test and CPAP equipments,  Clinico has in advance prepared for the healthy, dignified and quality elderly life of the countrymen!


    Clinico has contributed to the improvement of medical quality and the promotion of hearing care by fulfilling social responsibility. Not only provides long-term scholarship programs for CYCU, NTUNHS, CSMU and other schools, but also actively expresses concern for the disadvantaged to arouse attention on hearing loss students' education for their better learning environment. Recognized by the community by giving priority to the employment of impaired or physically disabled staff and job opportunities, these outstanding achievements are the key to stand out from the strict evaluation of the "National Award of Outstanding SMEs".


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